THE KIOSK, Nida, Lithuania

13.04.- 07.05.2017




A young lady standing in an exhibition space. She is concentrated on some electronic device she is holding in her hands. The setting is completed by an elegant leather bench at the left side and by a picture in the background. The picture is a photograph by Christopher Williams and shows a bouquet of flowers lying on a table.

I took one of the pictures of this scenery which I made two years ago in the MUMOK Museum, Vienna, and brought it with me to Nida Art Colony, where it is installed at a wall at my studio right now.



MARCH 23.2017, engraving on windowpane, appropriates a work by Robert Berry from 1969 but instead of dealing with universal experiences these statements deal with the artists (Wolfgang Bender) very individual traces in everyday life. Consequently his sentences are not written on a wall but are intimate notes on some found piece of glass.



The so called KIOSK is a small house standing close to the main street in Nida. It has five big windows that give a good view into the interior where a table can be seen being placed prominently in the middle of the room. The table consists of a grey plate and two black bocks.  On top of the table one can see a reinterpretation of the bouquet in the picture titled: Bouquet for Bas Jan Ader and Christopher D´Arcangelo, 1991. During nighttime a single light source gives light to the inner space.


The installation will be on display beginning  April 13.2017 and will be shown in the KIOSK until the Artist (Wolfgang Bender) has already left Lithuania, which will be after April 22.2017


CONTEXT: At the KIOSK only the BOUQUET will be shown. The glass pieces and the photograph of the lady are on view trough a special link on the artists homepage.


The specific architecture of the Kiosk gives the perfect frame for the very sublime presentation of the bouquet of flowers. Besides the traces of individual mythologies the precise chosen date for the beginning of EVERYTHING connects the installation to catholic liturgy during Easter week.


Wolfgang Bender, Nida, march 27. 2017